Chapter 101 is a dream realised for Mr. Raju Singh, the visionary behind our venture. To have a space one could easily imagine as an extension of their home, their own private den. Designed as a temporary reprieve from the outside world, where time can slow down and you could browse books without the white noise of social media.

Reflective of the colonial library style, Chapter 101 is a space where every book on the shelf has been hand-picked and curated to suit the sensibility of readers that seek beyond the mainstream. Our collection is expansive in the genres we keep but each book here is selected after careful consideration.

As the year turned to 2017, we opened our doors and since then have had the opportunity to develop a cosy community of book-lovers – one that we are always happy to expand. 

Featured among our expansive list of curated titles are tomes that have transcended the nomenclature of ‘books’ and present more as time capsules. These ‘rare and used’ books complete the ethos of Chapter 101 to not just transport the fellow bibliophile into a different era but also to feel at home in revisiting old favorites.

Rarity doesn’t simply mean that something is old and hard to find. A rare book is one that is important, desirable, and scarce. An important book is one that has had a profound impact from the time it was printed and continues to be influential, a true representation of the socio-economic mood, the human condition prevalent upon its inception.

A number of factors can affect the scarcity of a book, including printing history, the number of copies printed or sold, the quality of the paper and binding (the more fragile the book, the less likely it will survive in fine condition), any controversy surrounding the book, its popularity (or lack thereof) and its genre.

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